Transforming The Impossible to Possible

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I am your host, Lucas Root, and in this episode, we are going to talk about some formulas and characteristics that are essential to make the impossible possible for the community. Joining me in this episode is Brad A. Milford. He is a marketing, sales, and operations expert. He’s also a mind models specialist, fractional COO, and CMO with a focus on productivity and business growth strategies such as high-ticket products and course creation for entrepreneurs.

Brad is a U.S. Navy veteran and world traveler, he has built eight corporations. Through his experiences, he has led, managed, and grown more than 100 businesses from ground to 7-figures and beyond.

He is chapter Chair of the Northeast Florida Region for the Global Leaders Organization, the founder of multiple business incubator communities, and is best known for the Built for Brilliance Group and the Freedom, Wealth, & Brilliance Mastermind.

As a top podcaster, Brad’s global impact continues to expand, and he is honored to serve today as a world-class speaker, mentor, advisor, trainer, consultant, and coach.

Here’s just a taste of our talking points this week:

Brad’s Community Point of Possibility or your Community Point of Purpose

In the communities that Brad is involved in, they have transformed possibility into reality. They take something that possibly somebody doesn’t think is possible and make it possible. With that said, Brad’s CPOP is transforming the impossible to possible.

What it Looks like in Brad’s Community

With Brad’s community there’s the business side of things and then the personal side of things. Between those two, what’s more important to him is the service.

He also thinks that a community has everything to do with service and value. He could go to the business side, but what’s more empowering is when somebody truly transformed their lives, and their businesses are affected as a residual.

Transformation happens in an instant. A lot of people misunderstand that transformation happens instantaneously. It’s that aha moment when the light goes on and we say, “Oh, I get it now”. And then forevermore, you were never the same. Transformations happen in an instant. However, there’s a lot that leads up to a transformational moment and there’s a lot that goes beyond the transformational moment.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • What does it look like inside Brad’s community when the community is engaging with a transformation?
  • Brad describes what makes an effective community leader.
  • How can the community engage with common values when following a specific formula?
  • What is the behavior of transformation?
  • A question that should’ve been asked, but have not—who do you know that I need to know?

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