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I am your host, Lucas Root, and in this episode, we are going to talk about how Amanda builds a community for professional admins and the approaches they do inside their community. Joining me in this episode is Amanda Hamilton. Amanda is the founder of Hamilton Raye—an executive outsourced solution that aims to provide Founders, Executives, and Leadership with reliable, professional, and trustworthy support to unlock their most valuable asset: TIME.

She is also the founder of Admin Community—an online community for administrative professionals around the globe.

Here’s just a taste of our talking points this week:

The Description of Amanda’s Community

The name of her community is Admin Community and they are a group of professionals and experienced admins who provide monthly tips and tricks. And are focused on a community approach to learning.

They work out of the platform called Mighty Networks which is a tool that keeps their community cohesive and connected.

Knowing They Belong to The Admin Community

Amanda mentioned that if you are an administrative professional who is looking to learn, grow and connect with others this type of community is the place to be.

They don’t have any requirements and you don’t have to be a certain skill level. They just had someone who joined recently. She has never been an admin, but that’s where she wants to pivot her career. She’s joining to learn, grow and leverage that community by learning from more experienced professionals.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • Reasons why Amanda created the Admin community.
  • How does an online community create a common language?
  • Amanda describes what makes a community effective.
  • What makes an effective community leader?
  • Other things that make an effective community leader.
  • How does Amanda create engagement for community projects?
  • A question that should’ve been asked, but has not—what other platforms are out there for community engagement?

If you want to know more about Amanda Hamilton, you may reach out to her at:


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