Discover Joy Through Mindfulness in Community

Join us on Elements of Community as Lucas Root engages in a transformative conversation with mindfulness coach Brenda Winkle. Dive into techniques for releasing negativity, silencing your inner critic, and embracing your authentic self, all while fostering connections within your community.

Discover how mindfulness can be the key to unlocking happiness and compassion in this enlightening dialogue. Explore the profound impact of self-acceptance and meaningful connections. Learn actionable strategies to build a vibrant community and infuse your life with boundless joy.

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Building a Global Community: Insights from Margaux Miller

In this episode of Elements of Community, join Lucas Root as he discusses with Margaux Miller on fostering women in tech and building remote communities worldwide. Learn about Margaux’s experiences from working at Toptal, one of the world’s largest fully remote organizations. Tune in and don’t miss out!

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Play is Purpose: The Natural Movement Meetup’s Approach to Community

Join us for this episode of Elements of Community as host Lucas Root chats with Charlie Deistabout his awesome natural movement meetup group near Berkeley, California. For over a decade, they’ve been gathering to rediscover the joy of playfully moving their bodies outdoors. Charlie shares how their gatherings are all about play, letting adults tap into their inner child’s freedom.

They dive into how challenges, conversations, and shared adventures have formed a fantastic, diverse tribe. Charlie reveals how their flexible yet consistent approach keeps their bonds strong.

Ready for some magic? Listen in as they navigate sensitive topics with an open mind, and explore how finishing work to play outside has become their defining ritual.

Discover how play can be the glue that builds a tight-knit community, one embodied practice at a time.

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Unlocking Powerful Leadership: 3 Essential Keys

Join Lucas Root and entrepreneur Hailey Rowe on the Elements of Community podcast. Discover leadership keys: asking smart questions, acting strategically, and staying open to learning.

Gain insights from Hailey’s community-building journey, tackling doubts for momentum. Lucas delves into community, responsibility, and growth. Elevate your leadership for impact – listen now!

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Exploring Guanxi: How Relationships Shape Our Perception of Humanity

On Elements of Community, join host Lucas Root and entrepreneur Ruoyun Xu Killian as they unravel the mysteries of Guanxi – the intricate web of relationships that shapes our lives. Trends analysts Ruoyon and Lucas delve into the tug-of-war between individuality and collective belonging, redefine success beyond wealth, and explore rebuilding modern, ‘faceless’ connections.

Tune in for profound insights that challenge norms and discover the keys to nurturing meaningful bonds for enhanced well-being in any era.

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The Six Elements of Building Strong, Lifelong Connections

Ever mused over the true core of creating lasting bonds? Dive into this episode of Elements of Community where Caitlin Cogan Doemner and Lucas Root flip the switch in a captivating interview dialogue. This week, rewind the scenes as Caitlin, initially the interviewee, steps into the host’s shoes to interview Lucas Root!

Embark on this riveting journey, as Caitlin passionately unravels Lucas’s profound insights into the six indispensable elements he believes essential for nurturing deep and long-lasting communities. From purpose and collaboration to joyful engagement, Lucas shares it all in this heartwarming exchange.

This unique twist of roles provides a fresh and engaging perspective on the Elements of Community. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to learn how embracing these elemental principles can empower you to craft connections that withstand the test of time. Mark your calendars for this enlightening discourse on unity – a truly unmissable experience!

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The Elements That Bond Partners and Communities

Want to strengthen your partnerships and teams? Tune in on Elements of Community as Caitlin and Lucas reveal how shared giving, trust, and redundancy of strengths create unbreakable bonds. They demonstrate how community ties can scale into thriving partnerships, busting myths of independence and submission along the way.

You’ll laugh, reflect and learn practical skills for fortifying your own connections as Caitlin and Lucas unlock the elements that elevate teams with wisdom, fluid leadership, and abundant fun. An inspiring guide for anyone seeking to form deeper, more enduring partnerships and teams. Don’t miss out!

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Trust & Lead: Exponential Community Value!

On Elements of Community, Lucas Root discusses how trust transforms communities with leadership expert Stephen M. R. Covey. Author of “The Speed of Trust” and “Trust and Inspire“, Stephen reveals how trust and inspire leaders unleash exponential value through modeling trust, going first, and inspiring others to unleash their potential. Learning how to become a trust and inspire leader yourself is the first step to transforming your community.

Listen now to discover how you can start implementing trust and inspire leadership in your own life to elevate those around you and transform your community for good.

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How Opening Your Heart to Common Heart Can Transform Your Connections

Discover a profound transformation in your connections as Dr. Kimberly Marooney reveals the power of embracing the common heart shared with others on Elements of Community.

Dr. Marooney passionately discusses the incredible impact of prayer within her Gateway University community, radiating positivity throughout the world. Her unique style of collaborative leadership, guided by a higher vision, serves as an empowering force for others, nurturing growth and empowerment.

Tune in to this inspiring episode and unlock the secrets of supercharging your own community with love and profound connections.

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Why Resilience Means Embracing Life’s Storms, Not Just Surviving Them

Life’s storms and challenges are opportunities to build resilience – if you know how to truly embrace them.

In this episode, I’ll share how I’ve rebuilt myself after being broken down, how simple routines can fuel resilience, and how community and security give you the strength to face any crisis with calm and power. We’ll discuss the elements that allow you to break yourself down, only to build yourself back up stronger through adversity.

Tune in to learn how resilience through embracing challenges can become the source of true empowerment. I’m Lucas Root, and this is Elements of Community.

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