Bringing People Together to Refine their Craft & Advance their Career

Community is essential to the growth of any individual or organization…

In today’s episode of Elements of Community, our guest Scott Wilder discusses how important it is for people to come together as a community and share their knowledge and experiences in order to refine their craft and advance their careers.

Scott is a true professional when it comes to customer engagement, growth, and community. He has extensive experience in creating effective programs, platforms, and products from the ground up – as if he were magic! But his passion doesn’t stop there; Scott has also used this wizardry touch to build incredible teams of 15+ people multiple times over different disciplines.

Listen as Scott shares how he brings people together so they can improve their craft and accelerate their careers.

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The Power of a Supportive Community

In this episode of Elements of Community, Lucas Root had the pleasure of talking to Sandi Boucher, an expert in the areas of Indigenous recruitment/retention and Canadian Reconciliation. In their conversation, they discussed what community means to her and how she’s been able to create meaningful connections in her own life.

A community can provide us with a sense of belonging, purpose, and support that is essential to our well-being. We explore the different ways community can be formed and maintained, and how it can benefit both the individual and the collective. Don’t miss out on this exciting episode!

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Discover How to Create a Supportive Community for Healers

In this episode of the Elements of Community podcast, Delanea Davis tells her story of how she created a supportive community for healers.

Delanea Davis is living her life with a mission to enrich humanity. As an internationally published author and co-founder of various ventures, she has taken it upon herself to create the “Healing for Healers” community – bringing together intuitive, mediums, and healers from around the world in order to promote supportiveness among them all for global elevation.

Today, Delanea continues to strengthen the “Healing for Healers” community by meeting on the third Sunday of every month and reaching out to other people through her book entitled Rune Reading Your Life: A Toolkit for Insight, Intuition, and Clarity. If you’re looking to create or join a supportive community of your own, then this is the episode for you!

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The Richness Of Life Is People, Not Wealth

In this episode of Elements of Community Podcast, Lucas Root interviews Penny Power – an entrepreneur and community builder who has been in the technology sector since 1983. From her book Business is Personal to her current community project Business Is Personal 100, Penny shares invaluable insights into community building, social capital, and creating meaningful connections with others.

Through her own experience with adversity, Penny emphasizes the importance of taking control of your life and focusing on what matters most in your life and how she discovered that the richness of life comes from people, not wealth.

Listeners should tune into this episode for an inspiring conversation about community building with Penny Power!

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How Community Redefines Adulthood & Infertility Strategies in Women

Episode 29 of The Elements of Community Podcast features our host, Lucas Root, discussing community and how it informs our understanding of adulthood. He suggests that physical maturity is not the primary indicator of adulthood – rather, it is skills mastery. Root goes on to explain that community has a greater role to play in human development than other animals, and he proposes five key skills which define adulthood: complex communication, fluid leadership, teamwork, strategy and coaching. He also suggests that community plays an important role when it comes to infertility strategies for women. Tune in for a deep exploration of community and adulthood!

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From Monk to Film Maker to Builder of Communities

In this episode of Elements of Community, I interview Pedram Shojai, an author of eight books, a senior student of Kung Fu, and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Through his community-building efforts, Pedram has become a trusted adviser and leader in personal development and spiritual growth.

He believes self-improvement is the key to helping the world in a meaningful way, and shares how his community works to create a space for members to discuss their goals and grow personally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Tune in now to hear some of our best discussions yet on how common language allows for complex thought and discussion inside of communities.

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From Actor, Coach & Filmmaker to Builder of Global Communities

Barry has been bringing people together and creating positive change in the world for over 25 years, and his latest project is a community called Dreaming For A Living. This gathering of like-minded individuals focuses their celebration on being alive, forming relationships, and helping each other stay focused, motivated, and making sure they all have fun along the way.

Listen to his engaging story to see how he went from top acting coach to working on a global community for professionals.

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The #1 Way To Transform Yourself & Your Community

In Episode 26 of Elements of Community podcast, Sanyika invites listeners to explore the power of community and communication. He shares his story of growing up on the East Coast and taking a walkabout journey to LA. This journey shaped his understanding of identity and purpose, giving him the impetus to create “All In Man”, a community for men stepping into the next level of their lives.

Sanyika advocates using language as an intentional tool for building meaningful relationships and encourages men to step up and be a role model in their family and communities. He also emphasizes the importance of having strong guidance from other men in helping boys become good men.

Through sharing stories from his life journey, he hopes to inspire others and show how communication is key in creating a powerful community.

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The Power of “Common Heart” & Its Impact On Community Effectiveness

If you’re looking for an inspiring story on how to live life more intentionally and how to develop deeper community in your life, then you need to listen to this episode of Elements of Community. Richard Matthews, an adventurous father of four who travels full-time in an RV, shares his experience of building community while traveling and how it has impacted his life and his business. This episode is packed with insights into the importance of each element of community and is a must-listen for anyone looking to make meaningful connections in their lives.

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Building Community Inside Corporates & Private Marketplaces

Listen to Elements of Community as Lucas Root and Thomas Power talk about building community inside corporates and private marketplaces.

If you were to pick one of the five elements of community, which one would you pick to focus on to really drive the community forward?

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