How Intuition and Community Shape Your Journey

In this episode of Elements of Community, we delve into the fascinating world of personal growth and healing with our esteemed guest, Beth Haley. A passionate lifelong learner, Beth’s profound quest for self-healing led her on a multidisciplinary path of discovery, combining knowledge with experiential learning to create powerful transformations.

Join us as we uncover the pivotal role of intuition and community in shaping our individual journeys. Through Beth’s remarkable insights, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how intuitive guidance and the support of a like-minded community can spark profound shifts in perception and healing.

Don’t miss out on this empowering conversation that will inspire you to unlock the secrets of intuition and leverage the power of community in your own life.

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The Secret Ingredient to Building a Thriving Community: Play

Join me on the latest episode of Elements of Community as I sit down with Steve Rix, a human development expert with 30 years of experience in both public and private entities. Steve’s playful nature has led him on a rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, culminating in the founding of PlayLab. He’s passionate about building a legacy where companies create playful, happy people everywhere.

In this episode, we explore the secret ingredient to building a thriving community: play. Steve shares his insights on how play is essential for human connection, inspiration, and productivity. He talks about how he’s designed his business to be centered around play and how this approach has yielded better results for his clients.

We also dive into the importance of paying attention to our emotions when we’re in a playful state, and how this can lead to higher levels of energy and motivation. Steve shares some practical tips on how to start experimenting with play and encourages listeners to reach out to him with their results.

So come and join us on this playful and insightful conversation, and learn how play can be the star in your life, not just a walk-on actor.

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Revolutionary Leadership: Creating Change Through Community

Join me in this episode of Elements of Community as I chat with Maruxa Murphy, a true community-building expert with over 23 years of experience.

Maruxa and I share a passion for building meaningful communities, and in this episode, we dive deep into her most exciting community called The Revolutionaries. This community is for those who want to be a part of something bigger and create groundswell movements and cultural shifts.

Maruxa shares her insights on how revolutionary leadership can create change through community and how we can all embrace receiving abundance in our lives. So, tune in and get ready to be inspired by Maruxa’s revolutionary vision!

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Advancing Women in Senior Leadership to Drive Systemic Change

Buckle up for an inspiring episode of Elements of Community! In this episode, we chat with the powerhouse Alessandra Wall, a former clinical psychologist turned career coach and advocate for female leaders. Alessandra is on a mission to create a world where women have a seat at the table and their voices are heard loud and clear.

We dive deep into the topic of social capital and why it’s so crucial for women to have mentors, sponsors, and a supportive network to help them achieve their career goals. Alessandra also spills the tea on her amazing online community, where women can connect with each other, share resources, and create opportunities.

Prepare to be blown away by Alessandra’s unwavering dedication to empowering women and driving systemic change. You don’t want to miss this episode!

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Building Heart-Centered Communities

What does it mean to have a heart-centered community?

In this episode of the Elements of Community, Diana Lockett shares her thoughts on what makes a strong and thriving community. She discusses the importance of having shared values, being connected to the natural world, and creating opportunities for people to connect and collaborate.

Diana is a passionate author and realignment coach based in stunning British Columbia in Canada. With a heart to bring consciousness and self-regulation into corporations, she’s determined to have a positive impact on the lives of 2 million kids.

But, that’s not all – her highly anticipated book, ‘The Call to Freedom: Heal Your Pain, Awaken Your Loving Presence’, finally launched on April 1st after seven years in the making! Her memoir is not just a powerful story, it also offers expert guidance on life coaching, spiritual coaching, mindset coaching, and embodiment coaching. Get ready to be inspired!

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Collaboration and Collective Effort: The Key to Meaningful Change

Are you looking for inspiration to create positive change in your community? Look no further than The Elements of Community podcast. Host Lucas Root speaks with community leader Pamela Thompson about the importance of collective effort in making a difference. Pamela shares her experiences working in Afghanistan and how collaboration among multiple stakeholders can yield creative solutions to complex issues. She also reveals her passion for writing a historical fiction novel that challenges myths surrounding Muslim culture. Don’t miss Pamela’s insightful programs, including monthly meetings and a Women Leading In Change program, designed to help you become a better leader and make a meaningful impact in your community. Listen now and discover the power of community in your own life.

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Creating Community Everywhere

Get ready to be inspired as Kimberly Wiefling dives into the world of community-building in this captivating episode of Elements of Community.

Find out why this powerhouse entrepreneur and community advocate firmly believes connection is the key to success for both individuals and businesses.

Listening in as Kimberly shares her secrets on creating a network of shared benefits and abundance will surely leave you feeling inspired and ready to make a meaningful difference in your own circles!

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The Best You Expo: Amplifying People’s Message & Connections

The Best You Expo is a platform for people to come together and share how to be their best selves. Bernardo Moya, the founder of The Best You, joins the Elements of Community Podcast to talk about what inspired him to start this event, and how it’s helped leaders from all over come together to make a difference.

Bernardo is an accomplished entrepreneur, business leader, and mentor who has reached stunning success as a best-selling author with “The Question: Find Your True Purpose“. He also manages the biggest NLP training organization in the world whilst pioneering seminars for some of today’s most influential figures such as Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, and John La Valle.

Tune in now to hear more about what inspired this innovative platform – don’t miss out!

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Women Who Connect: Harness the Power of Community for Greater Success

What if there was a secret to success that didn’t involve working harder or longer but involved something far simpler? Watch this episode of Elements of Community to learn about the power of community and how connecting with other women can help you achieve greater success in all areas of your life.

Espree Devora is a powerhouse tech advocate! She’s the Founder of We Are LA Tech, which connects listeners to Silicon Beach and those making waves in it. Through her Women In Tech Show podcast—made for ‘actionable empowerment’– she shines a light on incredible female engineers, founders, investors, and more, inspiring us all with their success stories so that each listener can believe: “If She Can Do It, So Can I.”

In this insightful talk, she shares her top tips for harnessing the power of community so you can achieve your goals and dreams.

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Learn How to Cultivate Integrity & Intimacy in Leadership

Discover the power within yourself to lead with heart! Join Ruby Fremon, transformational guide and guest on Elements of Community.

In this episode, she’ll explore how cultivating integrity and intimacy are key elements in successful leadership – both personally as well as politically. With her vast experience helping leaders find their inner power and boost presence & connection, you will want to tap into these life-changing insights for your own growth journey!

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