Show Outline

So You're Gonna Be On The Elements of Community Podcast, Congratulations!

You are going to be part of a movement to help grow communities all over the world by telling your story.

This show  about discovering and exploring the elements of community.

Community is what makes the world go round.

So, on this show we talk with community leaders, like you, about what makes your community thrive and bring value to both the leaders and the members.

The Five Components of Community

So with that in mind, we take our time on the show to talk through your story through the lens of the Five Elements of Community.

The conversation is informal and designed to be more like you and I talking around the campfire with our guests getting a chance to listen in and hear the stories of your community building journey while the fire crackles in the background.

We usually take about 45 Minutes for the conversation.

With all that said... here are the general show questions if you want to prepare a bit... but I promise... you already know these answers by heart... because they are your story.

Introduction: I will read a short bio for our listeners so they know who you are. You already provided this on the booking form.

First we'll talk about your Communities Common LANGUAGE

Next we'll talk about your Communities Common HEART

Next we'll talk about your Communities Common Purpose

Then we'll talk about your Communities Common PROJECT

Finally we'll talk about your Communities Common PROFIT

Send Off: We will wrap up the interview by letting our audience know where they can find and be a part of your community and who makes the most ideal candidates to be a part of the community you've built

That's It! I promise the interview will be fun and engaging. Every guest I've had on has mentioned the interview is unique and fun. I really look forward to having you on the show!.

-- Lucas Root