The Incredible Soul Nutrients of Community, Love & Connection

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I am your host, Lucas Root, and in this episode, we are going to talk about the soul nutrients of community. Joining me in this episode is Jessica Encell Coleman. Jessica is a love activist, empowerment educator, gratitude alchemist, and the founder and creator of The Magic of Human Connection – a workshop she has facilitated for thousands of people and a movement to create (way) more love inside ourselves, with each other, and on this planet.

Here’s just a taste of our talking points this week:

The Gratitude Adventure

The gratitude adventure was born out of Jessica’s favorite practices in the world. Every day for the past 10 years, she would start her day by going for a gratitude walk and do that anywhere between 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

Out of this practice, Jessica created a program in which they would meet weekly. After the program, half of the group says they don’t want to stop. So she created a dive-in program where every day, they do all the practices and built upon each other.

First, Second, Third, & Fourth Enjoyments

The 4 enjoyments are the common language of the community. It is inspired by a quote from the Dai Lama saying, “I want to live a really beautiful life so that when I’m older, I can look back and live it twice”.

The first enjoyment is looking forward to something before it’s even happened. The second enjoyment is being in the moment—being responsive and creative at the moment. The third enjoyment is reflecting on the benefits of what we enjoyed, and created. And then, the fourth enjoyment enjoying things that you never experienced, it’s that aspect of conversion, like celebrating someone else’s enjoyments.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • What are soul nutrients?
  • Jessica describes what makes an effective community leader.
  • Supporting and creating the structure of winning for all.
  • As many subjects as needed for the FREE episode, be very thorough.
  • The art of cheating for our benefit.

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