Discover How to Create a Supportive Community for Healers

Delanea Davis is disrupting the healing community, making waves with her mission to provide a supportive space for healers and their journey of personal enrichment. Tune in as she shares how it all began on an episode of the Elements of Community podcast!

Delanea Davis has provided her community with a remarkable gift – the power of connection. Community “Healing for Healers” is a living example of how just one person can impact the lives of many.

By hosting meetings every third Sunday, Delanea creates an experience where members come together to share and heal. Attendees bring dishes to share before participating in a light meditation which is followed by intuitive messages that are given by a chosen member each time in four minutes.

In creating this safe and sacred space, Delanea enables individuals to feel comfortable being vulnerable, giving, and loving – reflective of her own inspiration when writing her first book about runes; she described Freya as being “gorgeous” but also “mighty” – embodying both love and power simultaneously. 

The extent of Community Healing’s potential is seen through its people who, when unified in their healing efforts, create remarkable results like hospital stays ending days earlier than expected without any discernible explanation as to why. It is because of Davis’ vision that this community is what it is today; an empowering reminder that collective energy brings about extraordinary change.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • Delanea shared how even those aged 16 can be considered elders in this circle due to their wisdom beyond their years – making it possible for them to become part of this council too!
  • She also shared some interesting things happening in her business and how she called on crafty moms to help her out with the production demands.
  • Then, Delanea explained how her Council of Elders uses force multipliers in their private group chat for specific needs such as healing or abundance.
  • Lastly, we discussed what ancestral trauma is all about, and gave some ways for this kind of trauma to be healed.

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